Company Profile

Representative message


Since its establishment in 2010,
I have always been thinking, "How to pursue the taste and get the customer involved?"

By continuing to pursue adherence and repeating trial and error, it became possible to provide the best products. In addition to this, the hot and fully open staff will warmly welcome you.

We do not stop growing.
We look forward to your continued support of Otsuya Co., Ltd.

corporate philosophy



We provide delicious products to more customers and contribute to society.

We do not stop trial and error in search of a taste that is second to none.

We keep thinking about what we can do to get our customers satisfied.

Founding heart (Our wish, thought)


"When it's time to eat good food, it's time for people to be happy more than anything else"
If you complete one's life, you should become an ineffective person. And you should be grateful to people.

How happy are you when a customer calls for a work (ramen) made by your own effort and says, "It is delicious!" We have a search mind for everything and satisfy our customers to the fullest. Ramen is a particularly difficult dish with stable taste. I understand the characteristics of the ingredients, and I am sensitive to the subtle changes in taste, and I do a reasonable job.

Basic policy (figure of our ideal)


What should I do to get customers happy? Everybody always thinks and acts, and acts kindly full of sincere character and humanity. A lively and clean shop.

Let's make efforts to be a person who can perform high-performance, with a customer who can think of "Let's come again" with delicious products that are second to none. We will continue to have this ideal and make sure it's a pleasant shop no matter who is at which store.

Management Vision (Our goal)


"People are fully open"

Let's do the obvious thing.

Cheerful greetings. shout. Do not disturb the discipline. Health management. I keep a promise. I think of a friend. Clean appearance. Clean shop interior. I can not lie. It is a human being who can do anything that is not required for technology, something that is related to everyday life, and that it should be good.

Company Profile

Company name Otsuya Corporation
Main business Restaurant management
Street address 〒239-0808
5-5-5, Otsucho, Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture
representative Tetsuo Iijima
set up November 2, 2009
Capital 3 million yen


September 5, 2009 Ramen Otsuya opened
November 2, 2009 Otsuya Co., Ltd. established
May 28, 2011 The second store (ramen Kamibuta) opened
January 21, 2012 The third store (ramen Kamibuta) opened
March 22, 2018 Bar (Enter the Dragon) Open
1-17-30 Sakae Building 3F, Meguri, Kanazawa Ward, Yokohama City 236-0021
Order and the first year of June 1 5th store (Kamisupa) opened