Grilled spaghetti Kamisupa

"Romesupa" business condition that is popular in a bowl

"Rome" refers to Noodles, and "Supa" refers to spaghetti, and is an image of a spaghetti shop like a stand-up shop.

Yaki Spaghetti Kamisupa opened in Yokosuka in June 2019 as an inspiring store for Kamibuta.
Please relish the taste that you have made by putting together the thick noodles you cooked.



Appetizing taste

I use the fresh pasta sent directly from Iijima Noodles to make it a rich flavor such as a Neapolitan. Romesupa is basically a large amount, and it is popular because it is a crunchy rice that can be simmered or extradense, so it is popular among young people with a strong appetite.


We take care of the voluminous feeling that is the feature of Romesupa, and the amount of noodles is from the side dish (250g) to Yokosuka lavage (1kg) for the warrior (※).
※ If you are at work, the Ferocious Menu will not be able to return to society. Please be careful.
We are creating shops that cater to a wide range of people, including those who are businessmen and students, as well as Yokosuka's unique Self Defense Force.

Product information



With pasta

List of stores

Yokosuka Chuo store

Street address 〒238-0007
1-2 Wakamatsucho, Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture
phone number 046-815-6353
business hours 11:00~22:00
Regular holiday No break in the middle of the year
Parking Lot no
Number of seats 1F 6 seats
2F 35 seats